Korala check point opens for all Mustang folks



Myagdi, Nov 14: Residents of all local levels in Mustang district can now travel across the Chinese border. Earlier, only locals of Lomanthang and Loghekar rural municipalities of Mustang had permit to go to China via Korala check point.

The check point, which was closed due to coronavirus pandemic, was brought into operation from Monday after four years. An understanding was reached between the officials and security personnel of the two countries on Monday to allow residents of all five local levels of the district for their movement to China via Korala check point, said Chairperson of Lomanthang rural municipality,

Tasi Narbu Gurung. Gurung shared, "We after the inauguration of Korala check point proposed the Chinese side to make arrangement for border-crossing permit to all citizens of Mustang.

The Chinese side agreed for the same." With this, locals of Baragung Mukti Chhetra, Gharpajhong and Thasang rural municipalities have also such facility. The District Administration Office, Mustang, earlier, had distributed entry pass to around 1,000 locals of Lo-Manthang and Lo-Ghekar Damodar Kund rural municipalities.

Process to distribute entry pass to remaining three local levels would be forwarded making coordination with Home Ministry and local levels, mentioned Chief District Officer Janak Raj Panta.

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