Province Seven


Historical Garbha palace in state of neglect

  • मङ्गलबार १२ मंसिर २०८० ०२:०७ PM

  Godavari (Kailali), Nov 28: A historical edifice known as Garbha Durbar, located at Khairala of Chure rural municipality-4 i...


DPR of Dodhara Chandani Dry Port prepared

बुधबार ६ मंसिर २०८० ०२:३१ PM

  Dodhara Chandani, Nov 22: The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the proposed dry port at Dodhara Chandani has been prepared....


Untimely rainfall disappoints farmers

मङ्गलबार ३० असोज २०८० ०२:३६ PM

Tikapur (Kailali), Oct 17: The untimely rainfall has disappointed farmers in Kailali district. The rainfall occurred since Monday a...


Beach volleyball competition on Mahakali riverbank

मङ्गलबार ३० असोज २०८० ०२:२७ PM

  Dodhara Chandani (Kanchanpur), Oct 17: A beach volleyball competition kicked off on Mahakali riverbank at Bhimdatt Municipal...


In four days, Bajhang records 15 tremors

शनिबार २० असोज २०८० ०३:४८ PM

  Kathmandu, Oct 7: Bajhang district witnessed two earthquakes today alone- one measuring 5.3 Richter scale a...


Two more earthquakes with Bajhang epicenter

शुक्रबार​ १९ असोज २०८० १०:२५ AM

  Kathmandu, Oct 6: Two more earthquakes were felt last night with epicenters at Chainpur of Bajhang district, Sudurpaschim Pr...


Bajhang earthquake update: One dead, 135 houses damaged

बुधबार १७ असोज २०८० १२:४५ PM

  Chainpur (Bajhang), Oct 4: A person lost his life to earthquake in Bajhang. The deceased has been identified as Gunamati Dha...


Tharu community demand public holiday on 'Jitiya'

बिहीबार ११ असोज २०८० १२:३९ PM

Bharatpur, Sep 28: The Tharu community in Chitwan have demanded a public holiday on the occasion of the Jitiya festival.The 13th district convention...


थारू महिला हेल्का र सखै हाल्नमै ब्यस्त

शुक्रबार​ १५ भदौ २०८० १०:४९ AM

भजनी (कैलाली), १५ भदौ : कैलालीको जोशीपुर गाउँपालिकाकी सुकरानी चौधरीको दिन आजभोलि कुला र वर्षात्को पानीले बनेका तलाउतिर बित्ने गरेको...

रैथाने आलु बाली जोगाउन अनुदान

बुधबार १३ भदौ २०८० ०३:२२ PM

बडिमालिकाका तीर्थयात्रा सुरु

मङ्गलबार १२ भदौ २०८० ०६:२४ AM

किसानका समस्या बुझ्न मन्त्री गाउँ

आइतबार​ १० भदौ २०८० ०४:२८ PM