Bagmati Province


Police arrest two rhino poachers

  • बिहीबार १४ मंसिर २०८० ०३:०५ PM

Chitwan, Nov 30: Police have made public two persons who have been accused of killing two rhinos amid a press conference here...


Youths imparted conservation training

बुधबार १३ मंसिर २०८० ०१:०३ PM

  Bharatpur, Nov 29: Training has been imparted to youths from settlements near the buffer zone of the Chitwan National Park a...


KMC to impose complete ban on sale of tobacco products from December 13

बुधबार १३ मंसिर २०८० १२:५१ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 29: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to completely ban the sale of tobacco products in all its 32 war...


Hetauda hosting regional level chess tournament from tomorrow

मङ्गलबार १२ मंसिर २०८० ०१:२७ PM

  Manahari (Makwanpur), Nov 28: Hetaunda is hosting a regional-level chess competition from tomorrow. 'Hetauda Cup Asian O...


Bus rapid transit service comes into operation on Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route

आइतबार​ १० मंसिर २०८० ०५:१५ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 26: The bus rapid transit service on Ratnapark-Suryabinayak route which was halted after running for a month...


Earthquake jolts Kathmandu Valley

बिहीबार ७ मंसिर २०८० ०१:५५ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 23: An aftershock occurred with the epicenter at Chitlang, Makawanpur. According to the National Earthquake M...


1300 years old Ganga Jamuna festival still attracting people

बिहीबार ७ मंसिर २०८० ०१:५१ PM

  Malekhu (Dhading), Nov 23: Ganga Jamuna waterfall of Dhading district is a well-known religious and tourism destination in D...


Combined efforts essential to conclude peace process: Minister Sharma

बुधबार ६ मंसिर २०८० ०२:२१ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 22: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has underlined the need of collecti...


Poachers kill two rhinos in CNP

शुक्रबार​ १ मंसिर २०८० १२:३१ PM

  Chitwan, Nov 17: Two rhinos have been killed by poachers in the Chitwan National Park. Two female rhinos were found dead wit...

Special places being constructed for performing Chhath rituals

बिहीबार ३० कात्तिक २०८० ०४:२७ PM

Helpless cow protection campaign demands establishment of Kanji house in every local level

बिहीबार ३० कात्तिक २०८० ०१:५६ PM

Over 200 men receive tika from 'Anjali Didi' at mass Bhaitika programme

बुधबार २९ कात्तिक २०८० ०४:४७ PM

People throng at Balgopaleshwar Temple for receiving tika

बुधबार २९ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:५३ PM

17 people arrested in Kathmandu on charge of gambling

मङ्गलबार २८ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:३९ PM

Nepal Sambat, Mha Puja today

मङ्गलबार २८ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:२३ PM