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Chhath festival concludes by offering worship to rising Sun

सोमबार ४ मंसिर २०८० ०४:१५ PM

  Jaleswor, Nov 20: The Chhath festival has been concluded by offering worships to the rising Sun in entire M...


Chhath festival begins today

आइतबार​ ३ मंसिर २०८० ०१:१६ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 19: Chhath festival, one of the major festivals of the country and predominantly observed in the Tarai region...


Chhath festival begins formally

शनिबार २ मंसिर २०८० ०४:३२ PM

  Golbazaar (Siraha), Nov 18: The Chhath festival which is celebrated with much joy in Madhes has begun formally. Crowds of de...


Chhath festival begins with 'Nahay Khay'

शुक्रबार​ १ मंसिर २०८० १२:४० PM

  Mahottari, Nov 17: Ardour of the Chhath festival has taken over the Mithila region. People's mobility has upped in and a...


Special places being constructed for performing Chhath rituals

बिहीबार ३० कात्तिक २०८० ०४:२७ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 16: Preparations have started for organising the Chhath puja at different places of the federal capital....


Over 200 men receive tika from 'Anjali Didi' at mass Bhaitika programme

बुधबार २९ कात्तिक २०८० ०४:४७ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 15: More than 200 men received tika from Anjali Maskey, popularly known as 'Anjali Didi', in a mass B...



बुधबार २९ कात्तिक २०८० ०३:१२ PM

  (231114) -- LHASA, Nov. 14, 2023 (Xinhua) -- Panchen Erdeni Chos-kyi rGyal-po carries out a head-touching ceremony to bless...


People throng at Balgopaleshwar Temple for receiving tika

बुधबार २९ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:५३ PM

  Kathmandu, Nov 15: People thronged the Balgopaleshwar Temple for receiving tika and paying homage to god Balgopaleshwar on t...

Nepal Sambat, Mha Puja today

मङ्गलबार २८ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:२३ PM

Laxmi Puja being observed today

आइतबार​ २६ कात्तिक २०८० ०३:४२ PM

Tihar begins with worship of crow

शनिबार २५ कात्तिक २०८० १२:१५ PM

Month-long fair begins at Aadinath temple in Chovar hill

शनिबार ११ कात्तिक २०८० ०३:५८ PM

'White Horse' festival observed in Bhaktapur

बुधबार ८ कात्तिक २०८० ०२:४६ PM

Bada Dashain begins in Taleju Bhawani temple in Bhaktapur

शनिबार ४ कात्तिक २०८० ०६:३४ PM