Sakhwa an inspiring personality in our history, says PM Dahal



Patan (Lalitpur), Nov 14: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said Shankhadhar Sakhwa was the national luminary and an inspiring personality in our history.

Addressing a programme organised in Lalitpur today on the occasion of Nepal Sambat New Year 1144, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned, "We cannot stay without remembering Sakhwa while talking about social justice.

We have already declared him as the national luminary. Sakhwa set the record in the Nepali history by relieving the people of Nepal (referred to the then Kathmandu Valley) off debt and abolishing slavery."

Nepal Sambat is not only of a single community but the indigenous calendar of all the Nepalis, he further said, adding, he felt proud to make decision from the cabinet of bringing Nepal Sambat calendar into use in government documents and works. "I want to congratulate and extend wishes for government's decision of bringing Nepal Sambat calender into use in government documents.

The cabinet meeting held yesterday (Monday) took the decision in this regard. It has taken our national sovereignty and self-respect along with freedom, equality and social justice to a new height. It has made all of us proud," PM Dahal said.

He further said the incumbent government has been carrying out activities with high-priority focusing its attention on social justice, good governance and prosperity. PM Dahal extended best wishes on the occasion of Nepal Sambat New Year 1144, saying this day will give a new message. ---

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