August 7, 2022, Sunday

SMC Federation wants govt to ensure alternative learning methods

Kathmandu : The Community School Management Committee Federation (SMC Federation) of Nepal has urged the government to ensure alternative learning methods before shutting educational institutions over Omicron variant.

However, the government and political parties have failed to heed to this matter before resorting to close educational institutions in view of the impact of the variant, according to a statement issued by the Federation Chairperson Krishna Thapa and General Secretary Gunaraj Moktan today.


Over the infection, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to close all schools from January 11-29 on the recommendations of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre. As a result, children would be deprived of education for long.

So alternative learning methods are needed, reasoned the Federation. For effectively running alternative learning methods, it suggested that the federal, provincial and local governments should come up with clear policies, directions and programmes.