January 24, 2022, Monday

Joint Student Union demands schedule of FSU election

kATHMANDU : The Joint Student Union has decided to draw the attention of the Universities and the government towards issues in the educational sector.

A meeting of the Association held in the capital today condemned the repression against students at Nobel Medical College and the Kathmandu Medical College affiliated to the Kathmandu University.


The Joint Student Union has also demanded the election schedule of the free students’ union soon. The election has remained suspended for long.

The sitting also discussed about the health risk posed by COVID-19 omicron variant and its potential impact on the educational sector, according to Nepal Students Union general secretary Baldev Timalsina.

Leaders of Nepal Students’ Union, All Nepal National Independent Students Union Revolutionary, All Nepal National Free Students Union, Socialists Students’ Union, Akhil Revolutionary and Akhil Sixth were present in the meeting.

\On the occasion, NSU President Rajeev Dhungana who was elected to the NC central member from the party 14th General Convention was honoured. —