August 7, 2022, Sunday

Anti-human rights incidents drop

Chitwan : Anti-human rights incidents drop district has witnessed decline in the spate of anti-human rights incidents.

The information was shared at an annual pre-review of ‘Human Rights Year Book, 2022’ organized by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) on Wednesday.


As of November 15 in the year 2021, a total of 92 anti-human rights incidents took place. Lat year it was 110 incidents in the review period.

As informed, 88 women and four men were victimized in the incidents in the year 2021. According to INSEC Chitwan representative Deependra Adhiakri, the anti-human rights incidents were recorded based on the complaints lodged at District Police Office, District Court and District Attorney Office.

It was shared that 51 incidents related to child rights violation, four related to murder and 37 related to women rights violation occurred during the period
. As many as 29 girl children and 16 women became victims in the incidents of rape recorded during the period. One child marriage and 10 polygamy cases were recorded. —