January 24, 2022, Monday

Nidhi, Gurung announce to support Deuba

kathmandu : Leader Bimalendra Nidhi, one of the candidates for the Nepali Congress President in the 14th general convention, has announced their support to another candidate for the post, Sher Bahadur Deuba. Issuing a press release today, Nidhi shared that he decided to support Deuba in second-round election for the post accepting Deuba’s request.

The incumbent Prime Minister Deuba had telephoned and reached Nidhi’s house and requested for the same. Nidhi thanked all the representatives, who supported and cast vote for him in the first-phase election, and requested them to support Deuba in second-phase election. Vote for the party new President is taking place again as no candidates secured 51 percent of the total votes to be elected on the party Presidential post.


Candidates—Deuba and Koirala, who secured highest and second highest votes in first-phase election, are contesting in the second-phase election. The voting is taking place again from 3:30 pm today. Similarly, another candidate for the party president post, Kalyan Gurung, has said that he would support Deuba in second-phase election. Gurung had received 22 votes in the first phase election.