November 28, 2021, Sunday

Province government committed to developing Bandipur: CM Pokharel

Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokharel has said that the province government was committed to development of the touristic hill town Bandipur. CM Pokharel expressed this commitment while addressing a programme at the Sahid Park in Bandipur of Tanahu district today.

On the occasion, he urged the bodies concerned to proceed ahead the works by preparing a master plan for the integrated development of the ancient township. Stating that the people’s governments were declared first in Birgunj and then in Bandipur when the movement against the Rana oligarchy was at its peak, he recalled that women equally participated with their male counterparts while capturing Bandipur. He said the State should honour the leaders who motivated the people to rise up against the autocratic Rana rule.


“Bandipur is a leading place in the country’s democracy movement. A systematic plan should be brought for the integrated development of this place,” he reiterated. Describing Bandipur as a historic and touristic important place, the Chief Minister said the province government would extend cooperation in bringing plans for attracting more tourists.

“If the resources of the province government are inadequate, then the province government will coordinate with the federal government for the same,” he added. Former president of Nepali Congress Tanahu, Raghunath Poudel opined that Bandipur could be developed as a place of study about the country’s democracy movement. Province assembly member Dobate Bishwakarma said Bandipur was captured by the Nepali Congress revolutionaries under the leadership of Gobhardan Pokharel, among others and it is the responsibility of all to protect the achievements obtained from the movement. A martyrs’ memorial park has been constructed in Bandipur in commemoration of this historical event.

The park was inaugurated in 1993. A martyrs coloumn and mausoleum have been constructed in the park. Chief Minister Pokharel also paid tribute to the martyrs at the memorial. CM Pokharel is the son of Gobhardan Sharma one of the leaders of the ‘Bandipur uprising’.