January 24, 2022, Monday

Former King Shah to visit Singha Durbar to pay tribute to Prithvi Narayan Shah

KATHMANDU: Former King Gyanendra Shah is going to Singha Durbar on Tuesday to lay a wreath at the statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah and pay tribute to him on the occasion of Prithvi Jayanti.

Issuing a press statement on Monday, the former king’s secretariat informed that former King Shah will visit the main gate of Singha Durbar at 12.30 pm Tuesday.


“He (Former King Shah) is scheduled to lay a wreath at the Shah’s statue in front of the main gate of Singha Durbar and pay tribute to the hero of national unification,” the communications secretary of the former king Phani Raj Pathak said on Monday.

Prithvi Narayan Shah’s 300th birth anniversary is being celebrated on Tuesday. The government has not  yet declared a public holiday on the occasion.

However, many local levels have declared it a public holiday and have organized various programs to mark the 300th birth anniversary with great zeal.