January 24, 2022, Monday

Resham Chaudhary’s wife registers new party at Election Commission

KATHMANDU: Resham Chaudhary, currently languishing at the Dilli Bazar jail, has registered a new party “Nagarik Unmukti Party” (Civil Liberation Party) on Monday.

The party has been registered at the Election Commission (EC) with Chaudhary’s spouse Ranjita Shrestha as its Chairperson.


Even though Chaudhary formed the party, the new party was registered in the name of his spouse.

A team including Shrestha reached the Election Commission on Monday afternoon to register the new party.

According to the Dilli Bazaar Jail, Chaudhary had also wanted to go to the Election Commission himself for party registration.

He had lodged a petition with the Department of Prison Management and the Election Commission on Sunday.

However, the jail authorities did not allow him to go to the EC for party registration.

Chaudhary is currently in jail on the charge of murder in the Tikapur incident in 2015 when as many as eight people, including a Senior Superintendent of Police and a toddler, were killed.