January 24, 2022, Monday

Maoist Center’s closed session resumes: Panel leaders asked to submit reports in writi

KATHMANDU: The process of submitting panel suggestions has started in the closed session of the third day of the Eighth General Convention of the CPN-Maoist Center.

The closed session of the ongoing general convention at Pragya Bhawan in Kamaladi, Kathmandu has resumed on Wednesday. Maoist Center, which formed 25 panels to discuss on party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s dossier, has given instructions to keep the group presentation in writing.


Similarly, instructions have been given not to go beyond the political report and amendment of the party constitution.

Each group leader is scheduled to complete presentation within 15 minutes. The bell will ring after 12 minutes.  The party has formed a three-member team for the documentation of the feedback coming from the panel discussion.