January 24, 2022, Monday

Chinese Deputy Minister Zhou suggests Maoist leader Pun for Left unity in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Maoist leader Barsaman Pun has held talks with Chinese Deputy Minister Chen Zhao in Shenzhen of China.

According to Pun’s secretariat, Pun, who is currently in Shenzhen, China for treatment, had a bilateral meeting with the Chinese Communist Party leader and Deputy Minister Zhao on Monday.


Former Speaker and Pun’s spouse Onsari Gharti was also present during the meeting with the Chinese delegation.

According to sources, Zhou had wished success of the Maoist Center’s eighth National General Convention.

Expressing confidence that the Maoists would be further strengthened under Prachanda’s leadership, Zhou said that the Chinese Communist Party and the CPN-Maoist Center were the closest allies and would strengthen the ties in the days to come.

The Chinese minister also expressed interest in Left unity among Nepal’s communist forces.

Pun said that the Maoists were ready to go for the next election and beyond by uniting with the like-minded communist parties.