January 24, 2022, Monday

Cultural, linguistic diversities are asset of nation: Province Chief Gurung

GANDAKI : Gandaki Province Chief Prithviman Gurung has said cultural and linguistic diversities are the original assets of the nation. “The State is responsible for the preservation of such assets.” In his address to a reception organised on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar 2078 BS by the Office of the Gandaki Province Chief today, Gurung said, “Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-language and a multi-culture nation.”

\ Stating that the country had an inclusive and democratic Constitution, the Province Chief expressed his hope that the Lhosar festival would inspire all to achieve prosperity along with social justice. The cultural and linguistic features are the capital of the entire world, according to him.


Likewise Gandaki Province Chief Minister Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokhrel said the unitary system that was in existence in the country for long had defined the nationality narrowly and the following the 2006 people’s movement, the unity among all castes, communities and the cultures has been accepted on the major features of the nationality.

As he hoped, the festival would inspire all to get further united. Gandaki Province speaker Netra Nath Adhikari was of the view of preserving the ethnic, caste, linguistic and cultural diversities. Tamu Dhi Nepal chair Huma Bahadur Tamu said the Lhosar marks the commencement of a new year of the Tamu community and this time they bid farewell to the year of Cow and welcomed the year of the Tiger.