January 24, 2022, Monday

Kavre administration decides to provide service on alternate base

Kavre : The District Administration Office here has decided to provide service on alternate base in view of the increasing crowds of service seekers and existing threat of coronavirus.

It has also urged all service seekers to abide by the health and safety protocol by taking into account the threat of omicron variant of coronavirus in recent days. Chief District Officer Shivaram Pokhrel informed that the schedule for the service delivery was changed reasoning the threat of coronavirus.


As per new schedule, the people from Dhulikhel Municipality, Mandan Deupur Municipality, Chauri Deurali Rural Municipality and Temal Rural Municipality are given the time of Sunday and Wednesday for service from the DAO.

The DAO issued a notice informing the general public that the service seekers from Panauti Municipality, Panchkhal Municipality and Bhumlu Rural Municipality and Roshi Rural Municipality could reach DAO to receive services on Monday and Thursday.

Other local levels are assigned Tuesday and Friday for the public service. The DAO Kavre had extended the partial lockdowns for indefinite period since last August.

The partial lockdown, which the district called the ‘smart lockdown’, was in force after the district was categorized yellow by the District COVID-19 control, prevention and treatment centre.

\ As per the centre, there are currently 32 coronavirus infected persons in the district, which is low as compared to others. Seven local levels, including six rural municipalities are free of coronavirus infection.