January 24, 2022, Monday

Maoist Center’s Chairman to be enlisted by party’s Central Committee

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Maoist Center is likely to select party Chairman from its central committee.

Speaking to the media after Maoist Center’s central committee meeting on Sunday, party Spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara informed that the central committee will present the list of office bearers including the party Chairman at the General Convention.


“A panel of office bearers will be presented on behalf of the Central Committee, the comrades who disagree with the list can oppose there,” the Maoist Center Spokesperson said, adding. “If there is no consensus, there will be election to settle the issue.”

He said that the general convention would be inaugurated at 3 pm.

Spokesperson Mahara said that all parties of the country have been invited in the inaugural session

“We have called all the political parties of the country in the inaugural session of the General Convention,” he said, “However, owing to the pandemic risks, we have not called any foreign guests.

Mahara also revealed that though scheduled as three day convention, the convention might go up to five days as it is transformed into a general convention.