January 17, 2022, Monday

Ministers involved in corruption faces action, Chair Nepal warns

Chairperson of the CPN (Unified Socialist), Madhav Kumar Nepal, has said that the ministers participating in the incumbent government from his party were directed not to involve any wrong activities. On the last day of two-day national gathering organised by the National Health Workers Association Nepal at Bode of Madhyapurthimi, Chair Nepal reminded that they had instructed their ministers not to involve in corruption, otherwise, they would face action.

Saying the ministers would be called back from the government and action would be taken against them if they were found involved in illegal activities, Chair Nepal stressed that the government should work for the betterment of the people by discouraging the privatization of education and health sector. The former Prime Minister added, “The Health Minister is committed to correcting the wrongdoings taking place in health sector and to resolving the problems facing the employees for long.”


On a different note, he argued that they were compelled to establish a new party after the door was closed for the true and real communists in the CPN (UML). Saying the UML was spreading illusion that the CPN (Unified Socialist) would not –last-long, Chair Nepal claimed that such situation would not come as the CPN (Unified Socialist) was heading towards the path forwarded by Pushpalal.