November 27, 2021, Saturday

No one will be deprived of vaccine: Minister Khatiwada

Minister for Health and Population, Birodh Khatiwada, has said no eligible person in the country would be deprived of vaccine against COVID-19 as the government had made preparation to bring adequate doses of vaccine.

At a two-day national gathering of National Health Workers Association organised at Bode of Madhyapurthimi on Friday, Minister Khatiwada shared that the government had ensured 60 million doses of vaccine and there would not be any shortage. He added that an agreement had already been made for 10 million doses of vaccine for the people aged 12 to 18 year.


“America has administered vaccine against COVID-9 to the children even below 12 years and such type of vaccines are being tested in India and China”, opined Minister Khatiwada. Saying the government has been holding discussion regarding booster doses as well.

The Minister mentioned that the government would provide the remaining payment related to COVID-19 health insurance by removing the challenges surfaced in the management of health insurance.