November 27, 2021, Saturday

Off-season rains damaged rice crop on over 2,551 hectares land in Chitwan

The off-season rainfall in mid-October had its severe implication on paddy crop cultivated on 2551.18 hectares of land in the district. According to the Agriculture Knowledge Centre Bhaktapur, the east Chitwan and Madi suffered the massive losses from the rains. Kharihani, Ratnanagar, Bharatpur Metropolis, Rapti, Madi, Kalika, and Ichhakamana rural municipalities were hit by the rains.

The area of land covered by rice cultivation is 27,281 hectares. The continuous rains for four days beginning from October 15 damaged the paddy crop on the eve of the harvest season. In Khairahani, the damage is 9.49 percent. The Centre said 9,070 metric tons of rice has been rendered unsuitable for consumption due to the rains.


In the past years, 105,841 metric tons of rice would be produced in the district. The Centre has already collected the loss details from all local levels and have sent to the province ministry for the compensation. The total loss is estimated to be equivalent to Rs 254 million.