November 27, 2021, Saturday

Facilities of doctors working in government hospitals to be increased

Minister of State at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Umesh Shrestha has said the government is preparing to increase the facilities of doctors working at the government hospitals so that they would not have to work outside. He said so while addressing a programme organized after carrying out monitoring and inspection of the Primary Health Centre Shivanagar here today.

“The government is taking initiatives for stopping the doctors working in government hospitals from working in private sector health facilities as far as possible by increasing their facilities and services,” the Minister of State at the OPMCM said. Former Minister of State for Health and Population Shrestha informed that the necessary process for this has been forwarded by forming a committee.


He stressed that the hospitals should be constructed in places from where the people can access service and where the doctors can go and live in. Stating that works were on for constructing the municipality-level hospitals in all the 753 local levels throughout the country, Minister of State Shrestha suggested constructing the health facilities by preparing plan. “Make plan what you are going to do in 100 days, in six months and in one year. The people should get the service,” he reiterated.

Vice-president of the Hospital management Committee Baburam Dahal, Ward Member Prakash Gurung and Dr Sagar Poudel gave information about the hospital in the programme presided over by Bharatpur Metropolitan City-14 Ward Chair, Om Prasad Pokhrel. The Shivanagar and Sharadanagar health centres have been upgraded into municipality-level hospital and brought into operation.