November 28, 2021, Sunday

Drinking water project in Kalimati

Construction of drinking water project has been started in Ghuinyabari of Kalimati rural municipality-7 of the district. With the construction of the project, 400 households in the area will no longer have to water from the Babai River.

Local Birbal Budha said there is no source of drinking water for more than 400 households here and now the locals are very happy with the progress of two drinking water projects in the village. The locals have complained that there is a problem of drinking water due to lack of interest even though there are many water sources in the settlement.


“There are many water sources in the settlement. We were ignored, ”said local Jit Bahadur Gharti. Even though there are so many families in the village, the locals say that there is no support from anywhere to solve the problem. The drinking water project has been started at a cost of Rs. 2.4 million with Rs. 1.5 million from the Access to renewable energy program for livelihood in the buffer zone and remaining from the rural municipality, said Mahesh Hitang, district coordinator of the program.

“There are many problems in this area, but as the problem of drinking water is major, we have operated two drinking water projects and are preparing to connect taps to 127 houses immediately,” he said. Coordinator Hitang shared that the project had to be operated due to the acute shortage of drinking water in the area. Chairman of the Drinking Water Project Construction Committee Chitra Bahadur Budha said that taps will be connected to all the houses within the next three months as work is in full swing in both the projects. —