November 28, 2021, Sunday

Maoist Centre solves all problems: Prachanda

Chairperson of CPN (Maoist Centre), Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has asserted that only his party could solve the problems surfaced in the country at present. Chairperson Prachanda said it while addressing an orientation organized for party cadres at Suryabinayak on Friday.

He further claimed that his party was also able to solve the problems of other parties. “Maoist Centre becomes first party after the coming election. Republic and loktantra are our party agenda,” he argued, adding that other parties are benefitting from the agenda. The Chairperson was of the view that Maoist Centre was regarded as only party to address people’s problems. “Devote to organization building to make the party ace again,” he exhorted the party cadres.


The cadres were urged to be united to strengthen ideology, politics and organization. Other speakers addressing the orientation were Dilip Prajapati, Devendra Shrestha, DP Dhakal, Pratibha Shrestha, Suresh Neupane, and Om Wagle, among others.