November 28, 2021, Sunday

Grievance hearing management committee formed in three municipalities

Grievance Hearing Management Committees have been formed in three municipalities of the district. The grievance response and management committee has been formed in Shikhar Municipality, Jorayal Rural Municipality and KI Singh Rural Municipality through the Parivartan Project, which is being implemented in partnership with the European Union and DCA.

The committee has been formed with the objective of hearing the grievances of the citizens in the municipality. A five-member committee has been formed under the coordination of the Deputy Mayor in the case of municipalities and the vice-chair in the case of rural municipalities.


An orientation of the Grievance Hearing Management Procedure, 2078 BS was also held for the office-bearers of the Committee, said Jorayal Chair Durgadatta Ojha. A grievance management committee has been formed in the rural municipalities and municipalities with the help of the Parivartan Project as per sub-section (4) a (1) of section 16 of the Local Government Operation Act 2074 BS, said Shikharka Deputy Mayor Dhaulidevi Rawal.

The new mechanism is expected to make the service flow of the municipality transparent and accountable, improve the policy, plan and service delivery process by evaluating the implementation process, achievements and socio-economic impact of the policy, plan and program, ensure the achievement of the expected objectives by mobilizing public funds. The aim of the committee is to increase public accountability by making the people’s representatives and employees more responsible, added Rawal.