November 28, 2021, Sunday

Chair Thakur stresses on employment in Madhes: Chair Thakur

Chairperson of Democratic Socialist Party, Mahantha Thakur, has said that arrangement of health, education and employment should be made in Madhes. In a press meet organised at Rajbiraj of Saptari today, Chair Thakur stressed the need of arrangement of employment and opportunity of employment should be created in the country as most of youths are jobless in Madhes.

Demanding that the cases filed during Madhes movement should be scrapped, he pointed out the need that the bill related to citizenship should be passed. He further said that the demands put forth during people’s movement and Madhes movement should be fulfilled.


Chairperson Thakur argued that the local-level should be restructured on the basis of population. Similarly, senior leader of the party, Rajendra Mahato, shared that the demands for rights and identity of Madhes raised in the past by the party have not been addressed. He expressed the view that demands of Madhesi people have not been fulfilled as some Madhes-based political parties are involved to fulfill their own interest.